About Erie Eyrie Software

At Erie Eyrie Software, we are dedicated to providing high-quality software tools that can help organizations both in their presence and in their internal operations. For us, high-quality software tools

  • Provide a smooth and simple interface for all users, including organization leaders, employees, customers, and the general public.
  • Are resilient against security threats.
  • Can continue to function as a whole when individual features have problems.
  • Minimize maintenance and follow-up work.
  • Save future time and money by anticipating and correctly solving problems.

About Our Name

Bald Eagle Eyrie Eagles and other raptors have unusually keen vision, and their nests are referred to as "eyries" (or alternately "aeries"). What makes these different from typical bird nests is that eagles will return to the same spot year after year to build up and improve on a stable platform from which they can gather food and safely raise young. These nests are monuments to not only short-term success, but of an ongoing relationship between the nesting pair (who bond for life) and the family that maintains the site.

Like these faithful and majestic eagles, we here at Erie Eyrie aim to create results that are built to last, that those who use it will continue to value that work for years to come. We want to create and demonstrate the value of working together for better overall long-term results rather than settling for barely scraping by. And in the process, we are proud to cement ongoing partnerships with our clients so that together we build something greater than what either could have created on their own.

Lake Erie shorelineWe are based on the gorgeous shores of Lake Erie, one of the largest fresh-water lakes in the world. It is our privilege to be able to see this sort of view every day, and allows us to stay relaxed when times are tough.

Smooth and Simple Interface

Erie Eyrie Software aims for people to be able to make good use of what we've created. We look at what needs to happen to reach our client organization's goals, and build our tools so that the most common tasks require the least effort. For example, if we build a website for an organization with a marketing department, we will ensure that they can publish new press releases onto that website with a few mouse clicks, so that they can focus their energy on writing an excellent release rather than futzing with the technology used to get it out to the public. By contrast, for a photographer, our goal is to make it easy to post the latest photograph with captions, organized into sensible categories or albums.


In order to keep your information safe from the eyes of those who shouldn't see it, and from keeping the bad guys from doing things to your system that they shouldn't, we at Erie Eyrie Software use industry-standard techniques to stay safe and secure. We choose our platform, libraries, and development practices specifically to make us immune to the most common security problems described by the Open Web Application Security Project.

Agile Development

Our approach to software development includes making use of Agile development. In Agile development, unlike traditional development, we provide numerous checkpoints that allow our client organizations to change their resulting tools to better suit their needs. Frequently, we find that leaders as well as Erie Eyrie's development team discover that what was needed was not quite what everyone thought was needed at the beginning of the project, and these checkpoints allow everyone to adjust our goals appropriately.

To prevent this process from getting out of hand, to the point where changes mean the project is never finished, our team always starts by creating a Minimum Viable Product. A Minimum Viable Product is the simplest version of the tool that will provide value to the people that use it. That way, at any time the client can decide they are satisfied with the results and stop further development work, giving them the power to control their costs.

This also lends itself to modular design that means that parts of the system will work perfectly well, even if other parts are broken. As an analogy, this means that if the headlights are out, the engine will still be running just fine so the car is still useful.

Solving Problems Before They Happen

At Erie Eyrie, we particularly value advising and assisting clients to choose methods of solving problems that will prevent further problems from starting in the first place, saving you a great deal of trouble, money, and anxiety. For details on some of the problems we solve the right way so that you don't have to deal with them later on down the road, read some of our stories on The Value of Long-Range Vision.