As an established software shop, we have quite a collection of satisfied organizations that have made use of our services. What is shown below is a sampling of our work.

Cazena, Inc, works with Erie Eyrie Software to maintain their Drupal-based site. We provide ongoing support, regular software updates, and new features as needed. New features added from our work include specially branded section of the site to spotlight important aspects of their product offerings, and documentation on their systems for easy use by their clients and technical writers.
Erie Eyrie Software has worked with the Cleveland Institute of Music for nearly 5 years, taking their website from a major security risk to a modern content management system. Our ongoing partnership includes regular improvements to their system security and maintaining credit card processing systems.
BNK Invest, Inc originally hired Erie Eyrie Software 4 years ago to create and launch their financial newsletter subscription site. This site has since grown into a strong line of business for them, and Erie Eyrie Software has continued to work with them on improving their site.
Erie Eyrie Software has worked with Kromhard, Inc to create their basic business website, and to provide their ongoing hosting services.