Products and Services

One thing that makes Erie Eyrie Software different from many consulting firms is that unlike our competitors, we make it clear what our price is going to be before you sign with us, rather than trying to beef up the costs to take up your entire budget. We offer a wide variety of product packages to assist you, depending on the sort of project you are interested in doing.

Web Site Starter Package

If you are looking to establish or refresh a web presence for your organization or business, this is a good way to get started. The basic package gives you:

  • A domain name
  • 1 year of managed hosting
  • A design that fits with your overall business and brand image
  • A blogging and content management system, allowing you to make changes to your site without involving Erie Eyrie's team
  • Up to 5 custom pages in addition to your home page

There are some related services available for an additional fee, including:

  • Commercial Photography- Available in northeast Ohio only. If you do not have photos of your business, but would like to have some for your web site, Erie Eyrie's photography partner can arrange professional-quality images.
  • E-Commerce Integration - If you are interested in selling your product through your web site, Erie Eyrie can work with you to integrate with your bank and payment provider.

If you have a preference for a particular content management system, Erie Eyrie Software is happy to help you work with:

Security Audit

If you have an existing web application, and are concerned about a potential or actual security breach, our security audit service can provide you with a guide to your risks, as well as short-term and long-term techniques to mitigate those risks. Pricing is based on the size of the system being audited:

  • Source Code Audit - This will involve examining all of your existing code to determine where your security risks are and what steps can be taken to eliminate them.
  • Database Audit- This will allow you to locate any information in your database that is a potential target for attackers, and determine how that information can be safely removed.
  • Log Search- If your organization has been the victim of a security breach, we can look through any logs you have to gather more details about how the attackers compromised your site or data.

Code Review

If you are developing your own application, and want someone to provide outside advice to your development team, our code review service is available to help you find and fix problems with your site. Charges for code review are based on lines of code, or total code size of each review, whichever is larger.

Application Development

If you wish to have your application developed by Erie Eyrie Software, we are happy to provide that service based on our standard hourly rate.

Before starting work, we are happy to provide estimates of our anticipated timeline for a basic solution to your business problem. Once we have that ready, we can continue working with you to improve on that system, or we can provide you with everything you need to pass continuing work to an in-house development team or another provider.